At People2Places Transportation, Inc., our team of Mobile Service Advocates (MSAs) is

what separates us from any other contract transporter. We hire only those individuals

who have a deep desire to serve with compassion and commitment and who take

pride in delivering great service.  In addition, our MSAs demonstrate the clear

qualifications to meet these​ standards.

Mobile:  able to move freely and securely

Service:  the action of helping or doing work for someone

Advocate:  a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular case or policy


MSAs offer curb-to-curb assistance and help our members in and out of vehicles. Our

team is experienced and specially trained to serve those with special needs, disabilities,

and medical conditions.  

MSAs must meet all of the following qualifications:

1. Valid driver’s license(s)

2. DOT physical exam

3. Safe driving documentation

4. Up-to-date Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check

5. National Background check from an accredited source

6. Documented experience assisting the elderly and disabled

7. Testing for alcohol and substance abuse

8. Adherence to standards of operating vehicles without any impairment

The following information is located in each MSA’s personnel file:

1. Application

2. Driver’s license with S endorsement Class E

3. Social Security Card

4. I-9

5. Tax Forms

6. Motor Vehicle Record Check

7. Drug Test

8. DOT Physical

9. National Background Check

10. Driver’s Certificates

MSA Training Program

Before an MSA begins transporting a member, he or she completes a thorough and

rigorous pre-transport service training program. Composed of twelve courses, our

training program covers vehicle and driver safety, emergency procedures, medical

proficiency, sensitivity training, child and elderly assistance, and assisting individuals

with disabilities. Furthermore, after classroom training, the new MSA is placed with a

seasoned MSA to undergo 40 plus hours of infield training.

A summary of the courses are as follows:

1. Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly Training

2. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Training

3. First Aid and Adult/Child CPR

4. Drug-Free Awareness Training

5. Emergency Communications and Procedures Training

6. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Training

7. Infection Control and Blood Borne Pathogens Training

8. Injury/Accident Prevention and Management Training

9. National Safety Council Defensive Driving Training

10. Radio Usage Training

11. Vehicle Inspection Training

12. PASS Basic-PASS Hands On

Mobile Service Advocate standards


Our vehicle fleet is properly insured and meets

federal, state, local and ADA safety standards. Each

vehicle is routinely inspected by an outside entity and

satisfies all state, county, and city licensing

requirements. Each vehicle displays the current

vehicle inspection sticker and state-issued license

plates. Our fleet includes the following vehicle types:

1. Wheelchair-lift-equipped vehicles

2. Ambulatory vans

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