People2Places Transportation, Inc. (P2P) partners with nursing homes,

dialysis centers, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities to provide safe,

reliable, and efficient transportation for individuals who are in need of non-

emergency medical care. We have a staff of trained and professional men

and women who are readily available to offer non-emergency medical

transportation. P2P has the capability to handle any volume of rides and to

keep wait times to a minimum. 

Non-Emergency Service Capabilities

Some of our service capabilities include:

1. Senior living centers

2. Hospitals and health facilities

3. Private-pay or Medicaid billing solutions

4. Dialysis, oxygen, and wheelchair transportation

5. Flexible timing for off-hour discharges or appointments

Flexible Healthcare Billing Options

Our flexible scheduling and billing options eliminate

complications and allow the focus to remain on the member.

We accept a range of payment options, including third party

payments from a member’s health insurance provider. It is

recommended that a member check his or her health

insurance policy to determine if NEMT services are


People2Places Transportation, Inc.

Specialized Transportation Services

Non-Emergency Transportation Services

We are available 24/7. Call toll-free: (833) 285-8262