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Be thoughtful and mindful about safety during every

situation while at work and home.  Being safe will simply

be a way of life.

People2Places Transportation, Incorporated (P2P) is a privately-

owned SDVOB corporation founded in 2004.  Since 2004,

P2P has expanded to offer transportation service to a variety of

individuals including NEMT insurance broker members, Veterans

Affairs, students with special needs, and members of the

transportation private pay program. 

The catalyst for our company is our mission, and our mission is

guided by our Core Value System which includes the following

values: Conscious of Being Safe, Compassion for Everyone,

Commitment in All Things, and Continuous Self Improvement.

By embracing P2P’s mission and these core values, our staff is able

to offer all our members safe, reliable, and efficient transportation



Be genuinely concerned with each person's needs.

Treat each person with respect and kindness, realizing

that each of us possesses the same innate value,


Core Values

continuous self-improvement

Be open-minded and objective, realizing that the

person you can change the quickest is yourself. In all

things, seek to grow and mature. Self-improvement will

not only positively affect you, but all of those around


Our Vision

People2Places Transportation, Inc.

Specialized Transportation Services

Our Story

COMMITMENT in all things

Be dedicated to the success of every single task. From

being punctual at the start of the work day, to clocking

out at the end of a shift, do everything before, during,

and after work with greatness. Commitment is not a

now-and-then thing; it is an every time thing.

People2Places Transportation, Incorporated's vision

is to become a national transportation leader connecting

people to places to help ensure their physical, mental, and

emotional well-being.